Our intent is for all pupils to be capable readers and writers with the ability to transfer their English skills to other subjects using a wide range of purposeful vocabulary.  

Our progressive English curriculum (Pathways to Write) is built on quality picture books, novels, poetry and non-fiction texts, which support children’s learning of the necessary skills and knowledge in reading to writing. Whenever possible, these texts will be linked to learning across the wider curriculum.

The Pathways to Write objectives for each year group can be found in the downloadable documents below.

Home Learning - Below this message you can find ideas and links to help with your writing and spelling at home:

Story Starters - Create Your Own Story!


Story Maker - An Easy Way To Write A Story!


Spelling Match - Grade 1 For The Youngest Children, Up To Grade 8 For Upper KS2


The Amazing Spelling Fleas - For Younger Children To Test Their Spelling!


* See the links below for creative ideas for writing at home. You will also find activity menus to help you learn how to spell, along with the National Curriculum suggested words for reading and spelling.

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