Wellbeing Workers

wellbeing.jpgThe main purpose of a Wellbeing Worker is to work with children and school staff, focussing on emerging and developing mental health needs.

We have two Wellbeing Worker Ambassadors in Year 5 who will be working with other Wellbeing Workers from the other 12 schools in Winsford. In our school we have also appointed 2 Wellbeing Workers from Year 1 through to Year 6 as apprentices.

The Wellbeing Worker is a person in each class who can listen to peers/friends who may be sad or have a worry, they will then be able to talk to the Class Teacher or Teaching Assistant and get help and advice.

The Wellbeing Workers set competitions for the school children to take part in and also hold virtual assemblies to promote their role within school. 

Our Wellbeing Worker Ambassadors are Esme Robinson and Kobe Keal.

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