Beeston residential - Oak 2019

Date: 7th Mar 2019 @ 12:18pm

The whole of Year 3 went to Beeston for 2 days and 1 night. We were very busy the whole time and we enjoyed every minute! We took part in many activities such as; team building games, a walk to  Beeston Castle, exploring local woods to find interesting things, Dairy writing, a campfire with hot chocolate and a singsong, a bedtime story, we learnt how stone age people grinded wheat to make flour, peeled bark of sticks using a stone age knife, another campfire - after collecting our own kindling, we made stoneage bread (with honey of course!), we then had a go at Archery ( what a hunter gatherer would do) and much more inbetween, inlcuding eating yummy food! Everyone had a brilliant time and would like to go again!

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