Year 3 and 4 - Beech, Oak and Maple 2023 - 2024

"Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it"

Proverbs 22 v 6

Christian Value - Generosity

Heartsmart Principle - Get Heartsmart


Year 3 and 4 Teaching Team

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Beech Teacher  Oak Teacher   Maple Teacher

      Mr Sear       Miss Manton    Miss Preston


Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistants

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  Mrs Hitchen    Mrs Lafferty  Mrs Van Neiropp 

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              Mrs Brown       Mrs Griffiths       

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PE days

Beech class (Mr Sear) - Indoor - Friday    and    Outdoor - Wednesday

Oak class (Miss Manton) -  Indoor - Friday and Outdoor - Tuesday

Maple class (Miss Preston) - Indoor - Thursday and Outdoor - Friday 

Please ensure you come to school in the correct PE kit (white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers) on these days.

Autumn Term Topic

Key Question: How has Europe changed..past and present?

Hello everyone, we hope you all had a fantastic summer break and are all looking forward to an action packed autumn term in Year 3 and 4. This term our topic is focussing on Ancient Greece.

Writing: This half term our book in English is called 'Gorilla'. This is a wonderful book, allows the children to explore their imagination and make predictions about the text and what may happen to the different characters.

Reading: We will check your child's reading record and give them the opportunity to change their reading book every Friday.

Spellings: We will give new spellings out, and have our spelling quiz, each Friday.


Throughout this term, in Maths, the children will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division along with length and perimeter.


Our school promotes life in all it's fullness through the acromyn TRAIN

T is for Theology – Christian teaching as a faith school is rooted in the Bible, the teachings, and the life of Jesus supported by the Heartsmart principles and our Christian values.

R is for relationships, those we have with each other in school and our families.  The relationship we have with God through faith and our understanding of the trinity. (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit)

A is for aspirations and attitude, a desire for children and adults in school to experience life in all its fullness both academically and emotionally and socially, with an understanding of Gods purpose for us through his teaching in the bible.  Attitudes that are positive so that children and adults can be successful in all that they hope to achieve.

I is for inspire!  How do we, can we, should we, inspire each other every day to be the best that we can be in all our interactions and endeavours? 

N is for next steps on our journey – whatever that may be for children and adults -  that the experiences at Wharton CE have prepared them to take any next step with confidence and a secure foundation rooted in proverbs 22 v 6.


Mr Sear, Miss Preston and Miss Manton.


'Be Brave, Be Creative, Be Kind, Be Thankful, Be Happy, Be You'


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