Our journey to learn, grow, care and shine

At Wharton CE Primary School we deliver a thematic curriculum which is built on a progression model. This embraces an enquiry based approach to learning that allows children to ask questions. Each term teachers plan a variety of cross-curricular activities around key question or key focus; this could be a book, a picture, a poem, an artefact, a question or a period from History. As a church school we adopt a "What If" approach to learning which helps to develop the Christian distinctiveness of our school by encouraging children to question how their learning can be linked to Christian values, teachings and principles.


  • Cultural Capital - to provide a curriculum that builds on an accumulation of knowledge, behaviours and skills in order to prepare our children to thrive with competence in society.

  • Stimulate and develop pupils' interest and enthusiasm for learning.

  • Promote positive attitude towards learning, so that children enjoy coming to school and acquire a solid basis for life long learning, underpinned by the Christian character of the school.

  • Planning that takes account of previous achievement, knowledge and skills.

  • Appropriate use of technology in modern day society.

  • Our multi-sensory inclusive approach provides an exciting and engaging curriculum that builds on knowledge and experiences for all children.

Inclusion for All

Teachers plan to meet the needs of all children by ensuring learning is focused on individual children's needs and abilities. Outcome from assessment for learning enable teachers to set targets which reflect individual children's skills, abilities and potential. The school has developed a model of intervention for chidlren experiencing difficulties based on three waves:

Wave One: The effective inclusion of all children in a high quality teaching environment (Quality First teaching)

Wave Two: Small group, low cost intervention e.g. Booster classes, intervention programmes, Early literacy support and Speech & Language support.

Wave Three: Specificie targeted intervention for children identified as requiring special education needs support and curriculum extension for the Gifted & Talented.

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